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The Global Leader in FDA, USDA, US Customs, APHIS regulatory compliance.
Expedite Import Alert
  • We are the Global Leader in assisting Importers of Record, Foreign Manufacturers and Suppliers when they are faced with regulatory action regarding their imports and exports into the US market.
  • We have 100% success rate no matter what the issues is. We have clients in over 30 countries throughout the world that are indebted to us with their trust for saving their businesses.
  • Food, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, what ever critical mass situation you are faced with by the Food and Drug Administration US Customs or USDA divisions we are here to help. We have the only EXPEDITED model in the world to abate your issues quickly while ensuring we protect your long term future.

Why Choose Us

Expedited Clearances

Your answer is simple. We are the only company that will get you off of Import Alert within 45 days or sooner. Our Expedited model is unmatched and can not be beaten. Ask around and see what other can tell you about the process. We will also provide you with customers we have already helped as references, Who else can offer you a service like this? No one else comes near us.

Foreign Supplier Verification

We review your supply chain to ensure that there are no broken links. The first step is verifying your supplier is a "Known Shipper" we also make sure that they are in compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act. We also work on getting your suppliers compliant if need be.

Keep You in Good Standing

Once we have completed the process of getting you off of Import Alert we then work to ensure you are never added on this list again. We look over your supply chain and work with your vendors to make sure they all are in the same level of compliance you accomplished.

Reverse Your Import Alert Status

Many companies have tried vigorously on getting themselves off of the Nations RED LIST and have failed. Our proven system allows us to work directly with the FDA as your company representative and reverse your Import Alert status. You go from being on the RED List to GREEN exempt list in a matter of weeks.

Food Safety Regulations

Food Safety

Over the past few years, high profile outbreaks related to various foods have underscored the need to make continuous improvements in food safety.

The FDA, USDA and Customs have overhauled the regulations for the first time in over 75 years. With that comes many changes, new realities and challenges.

We welcome any challenge you have. We have handled the most complex scenarios with 100% success. We have Clients in every corner of the world that you can talk with.

We have a proven track record! We provide expedited service to remove any issues or hurdles your company faces with your imported products.

Our experienced team provides a vast amount of services including but not limited to detentions, Import Alerts, USDA, APHIS, FSIS; we execute at a unmatched level.